The Acoustic (mostly) Rock band known as SEAN & GERRY are made up of the long-time-friend-duo of Sean Nary, and Gerry Metivier. Sean Nary, and Gerry Metivier met years ago when a mutual friend, Jim Yandow,  was forming a rock band. The 5 person band consisited of Jim Yandow - Drums/backing vocals, Thom Valley - Keyboards/Synthesizers/Backing vocals, Tim Bergeron - Lead & Backing Socals/Sax, Sean Nary - Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals, and Gerry Metivier - Bass/Backing & Lead Vocals. The band rehearsed in the basement of Jim's parent's house (who were unbelievably supportive) and they soon had a playlist of dozens of cover songs, and even a few originals.

The Band took the name 10 of 9 from a clock in Jim's basement that was perpetually stuck in that position. 10 of 9 played a few small gigs, but they did not last long as a band. Not really sure in which direction they wanted to go musically, and because they all wanted to pursue careers outside of the music industry, 10 of 9 soon disbanded.

Years later a chance meeting brought Sean Nary, and Gerry Metivier together again. It wasn't long before the two of them discovered that they both had continued playing music through the years, and more importantly that they both shared the same warped sense of humor. And so SEAN & GERRY was born.

Now, SEAN & GERRY are a two-man acoustic (mostly) rock band, playing an occasional small live event. They also have a studio in West Addison, where they write and record music. Their debut album Another Tequila Night was released December 21, 2009 on Styrofoam Anchor Records. Sean and Gerry are currently in the studio recording their follow-up album, which as of yet is untitled. The second album will include such crowd favorites as; Margarita, This Ain't A Love Song, Radio, and Good Thing (The Central Park Paradox).

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